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    MP Oleksandr Feldman Statement

    In the past few months Ukraine is experiencing probably the most difficult period during its independence. The fragile peace that has just emerged is under the threat of Russian military intervention in Crimea and separatists attempts.



    For me as a head and founder of a number of public organizations, namely Kiev Interfaith Forum, Ukrainian Jewish Committee and Ukrainian Association of Ethnic and National Unions, 

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    The Statement of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee

    The Ukrainian Jewish Committee expresses its deep concern regarding the severe beating of the two parishioners of the Podil Synagogue, which occurred one after another in the course of few days. It is quite obvious that the attacks have a pronounced anti-Semitic character. We believe that these incidents are a direct consequence of the ignoring of the warnings and claims against the use of anti-Semitic rhetoric by the authorities and the 

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